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The Story
of Liang

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    Born in 1915 Siam (currently Thailand) to a ceramic merchant, Liang Wee was the second child in a family of six siblings. During his adolescence Liang was sent to his Fatherland of Hainan, China where he studied the delicate craft of goldsmithing. Upon his return to Thailand he opened a gold shop in the Chinese populated area of Bangkok.

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    Liang’s exceptional attention to detail and his unparalleled craftsmanship quickly gained him popularity amongst Thailand’s bureaucratic elites who would commission elaborate official pieces, many of which were offered to the Thai Royal Family as gifts. Liang’s work was highly sought after, bringing in people from all over to order one off masterpieces, all individually unique and one of a kind. Led by his vivid imagination, Liang drew all of his designs free hand.

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    Liang’s dedication to the beauty and perfection of craft lives on in the masterpieces he created in his lifetime, which are now legends within the world of fine jewellery, extremely sought after by collectors. Liang’s legacy continues in the spirit and dedication of quality and gold craftsmanship in every piece of Liang & Rudolf jewellery.

The Story
Of Rudolf

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    Born in 1911 Berlin, Germany, Rudolf Voll was the only child of a tailor. As a young man he was an aspiring automobile designer working for a German luxury car company. Everything changed when a dark cloud cast over Germany with the rise of the Nazis. Rudolf’s political view forced him into exile where his journey took him to South Africa, China and eventually Japan in 1937 where he encountered the alluring beauty of Japanese Akoya pearls.

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    Rudolf founded his pearl boutique in the high-end fashion district of Ginza, Tokyo in 1938 and quickly became known for his exceptional quality. By 1940 his reputation was such that high ranking politicians and industrial leaders would come to him to buy pearls. So appreciative by the success that pearls and his adopted country brought to him he made a pilgrimage to the top of the iconic Mount Fuji with the most perfect strand of pearls he had ever encountered and threw it into the crater as a tribute.

  • rudolf-3

    With over 70 passionate years in Pearls, Rudolf is proclaimed as the “German Pearl King”. As one of the most prominent non-Japanese figures in the exclusive circle of the Japanese Pearl trade, his name still echoes the Hall of Akoya Pearl auction houses in Tokyo and Kobe and his pearls can be found in the collections of many of his illustrious clientele around the world. Rudolf’s legacy lives on with his passion for quality, beauty and ‘only the best’ are ingrained in every pearl used in Liang & Rudolf jewellery.



Each piece of jewellery often tells the story of a certain occasion or chapter in our lives that we often reminisce. They exist to accompany us through thick and thin. In a world of fast changing trends, our jewellery maintains a grounding connection to what it means to be timeless.


Liang & Rudolf’s founders were inspired by their Grandfathers work. They wanted to create designs that could be worn to work or to dine without being overpowering yet having a presence. Their vision evolved to suit the day to day lives of contemporary women.


At Liang & Rudolf, we like the existence of beauty to always be present. The subtle shapes and sizes of our bold yet delicate pieces, embody a beauty that will compliment any chosen outfit. The visual comfort of our jewellery matters greatly at Liang & Rudolf. When you take a break, we want our owners to feel liberated when they see their L&R pieces in the mirror.


Quality matters greatly to our establishment. At Liang & Rudolf, we make sure our quality does not go to clients compromised. To achieve this we only work with the finest goldsmiths and every single Liang & Rudolf pearl is hand selected. It is important for us to care for our jewellery every step of the way, until it reaches the hands of its owners. We will continue to be available for any questions or concerns.


At Liang & Rudolf, our goldsmiths are highly skilled artists, executing every detail to the utmost refinement and delicacy. Same goes for our pearls, which are carefully hand selected piece by piece by our in house pearl specialists. Our pearls are sourced exclusively from Japan where their passion for perfection and centuries of experience in cultured pearls make them one of the leading sources of the finest pearls in the world.


Liang & Rudolf, as with everyone else, would not be here without our ancestors. Our fine jewellery creations would not have been born if it was not for Mr. Liang and Mr. Rudolf, two Grandfathers whose legacy and passion lives on in the world of fine jewellery.